1 Information Systems Stakeholders

The ubiquitousness of digital tools in both our professional and our personal environments makes the concept of IS stakeholders difficult to grasp. Indeed, a corollary of the widening scope of digital transformation is the increase in the number of stakeholders involved. Thus, when we talk about IS stakeholders, we are referring not only to those responsible for the creation and maintenance of information services. We are also referring to all users whose roles and significance have grown steadily along with the development of information and communication technologies (ICT). By facilitating horizontal operating models, ICT has brought about a profound change in the relationships between the human actors within organizations. ICT has led to a greater decentralization of operations, a peer-to-peer operating model and a decrease (or even disappearance) of middle management who in theory are responsible for supervising those involved in production. We may have talked about the “flattening” of organizations through ...

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