Application Porting

This section describes the re-platforming of one of the six core applications running on the IBM mainframe under DB2 and CICS. The task for DLD was to modify the source programs (i.e., COBOL) to make them access an Oracle database instead of the original DB2 database. The following issues had to be addressed:

  • Convert DB2 ESQL to Oracle ESQL.
  • Map DB2 built-in functions to equivalent Oracle functions/procedures.
  • Verify, if any, operation against the EBCDIC character set that still works against the ASCII character set (e.g., COMP3 fields, alphanumerical sort).

The user interaction that is provided through 3270 emulation on PC client is not within the scope of this discussion.

DB2 ESQL Syntax

The SQL commands used by ...

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