62 Informix Dynamic Server 11: Advanced Functionality for Modern Business
2.3 Adding or removing components
After installing IDS 11, you might need to alter the installation by adding or
removing IDS components. For example, you might need to add locales for new
users or choose to begin using OnBar rather than ontape for backups.
To add or remove components, use the same installer that you used for the
previous installation. However, because the installer finds the product already
installed, there are different choices. After launching the installer and choosing
the product that you want to affect (on the second window), you see the choices
shown in Figure 2-6.
You can remove or uninstall components or the entire product; you can reinstall
damaged files; or you can change what is installed by adding or removing (or
both) components.
For the example depicted in Figure 2-6, we chose to Modify the installation.
Figure 2-6 IDS setup maintenance program
When you click Next, the window shown in Figure 2-7 on page 63 appears.
Compare this to Figure 2-3 on page 48. The same choices are available in both
Chapter 2. Fast implementation 63
Figure 2-7 Component selection on reinstallation
You can change the selections by adding or removing them. For example, you
can add the High-Performance Loader. When you click Next again, the installer
makes the changes that you want. Therefore, the source directory must be
available to add components. You might want to copy that directory to a CD or
DVD so that it does not take disk space on your system. Then, the reinstallation
can be performed directly from the CD or the DVD.
Note: The installer uses the manifest files to know what is present or not,
which means that $INFORMIXDIR must be set to the directory to be modified,
and you must not change the manifest files outside of the installer. If
$INFORMIXDIR is not set correctly or if the manifest files are modified, the
installer might not perform as expected.

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