xii Informix Dynamic Server V10 . . . Extended Functionality for Modern Business
The team that wrote this IBM Redbook
This IBM Redbook was produced by a team of specialists from around the world
working at the International Technical Support Organization (ITSO),
Poughkeepsie Center. The team members are depicted here, along with a short
biographical sketch of each.
Chuck Ballard is a Project Manager at the ITSO in San
Jose, California. He has over 35 years experience, holding
positions in the areas of Product Engineering, Sales,
Marketing, Technical Support, and Management. His
expertise is in the areas of database, data management,
data warehousing, business intelligence, and process
re-engineering. He has written extensively on these
subjects, taught classes, and presented at conferences and
seminars worldwide. Chuck has both a Bachelors degree
and a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University.
Carlton Doe has over 10 years of Informix experience as a
Database Server Administrator and 4GL Developer before
joining Informix in 2000. During this time, he was actively
involved in the local Informix user group and was one of the
five founders of the International Informix Users Group
(IIUG). Carlton has served as IIUG President, Advocacy
Director, and sat on the IIUG Board of Directors for several
years. He is best known for having written two Informix
Press books on administering the IDS database server as
well as several IBM whitepapers and technical articles. Carlton currently works
for IBM as a Sr. Certified Consulting IT Specialist in the Global Technical Partner
Organization. He lives in Dallas, Texas.
Alexander Koerner is a certified Senior IT-Specialist in the
IBM German Channel Technical Sales organization, based
in Munich, Germany. He joined Informix in October 1989.
He was instrumental in starting and leading the SAP/R3 on
Informix project, developed an Informix adaptor to Apples
(NeXT’s) Enterprise Object Framework, and has contributed
to the success of many strategic projects across the region.
Alexander currently focuses on Informix and SOA
integration, and 4GL/EGL, but he also actively supports
IDS, XML and DataBlade™ technology. His activities also include presentations
at conferences and events such as the IBM Information On Demand Conference,
IBM Informix Infobahns, regional IUG meetings, XML One, and ApacheCon.
Alexander is a member of the German Informatics Society and holds a Masters
degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Berlin.
Preface xiii
Anup Nair is a Senior Software Engineer with the IBM
Informix Advanced Support team, Menlo Park, California,
working on formulating core strategies for OEM/Partners
using Informix products. He joined the Informix Advanced
Support team in 1998 and has over 15 years of industry
experience, holding positions in management, marketing,
software development and technical support fields.Anup
has a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering and a
Masters degree in Computer Science from Pune University
and has a certificate in Project Management.
Jacques Roy is a member of the IBM worldwide sales
enablement organization. He is the author of IDS.2000:
Server-Side Programming in C and the lead author of
Open-Source Components for IDS 9.x. He is also the author
of multiple technical developerWorks® articles on a variety
of subjects. Jacques is a frequent speaker at data
management conferences, IDUG conferences, and users
group meetings.
Dick Snoke is a Senior Certified IT Specialist in the
ChannelWorks group in the Unites States. Dick has 33
years experience in the software industry. That experience
includes activities such as managing, developing and selling
operating systems and DBMS software for mainframes,
minicomputers and personal computers. His current focus is
on the IBM DBMS products and, in particular, the Informix
database products. Dick also supports related areas, such
as information integration and high availability solutions.
Ravi ViJay is a systems software engineer in the IBM India
Software Labs, working primarily on new features of IBM
Informix database releases. His areas of expertise include
design and development of applications using IDS. He has
also written specifications and developed integration tests
for new features of IDS releases. Ravi holds a Bachelors
degree in Computer Science from Rajasthan University.

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