50 Informix Dynamic Server V10 . . . Extended Functionality for Modern Business
Figure 2-4 The ipload attribute to data element mapping interface
The HPL supports reading and writing to IDS binary, ASCII (fixed length and
delimited) and EBCDIC formats. While the utility can load and unload huge
amounts of data quickly, project performance is highly dependent on the number
of devices configured, whether and what kind of data type conversion is required
and the project “mode” if it is a load project. Executing HPL projects has a
significant impact on instance resources so careful monitoring and tuning is
advised. The IBM Informix High-Performance Loader User’s Guide, G251-2286,
includes tuning and other resource guidelines for executing HPL projects.
2.2 Things to think about first
There is a commonly used phrase to the effect that “an ounce of prevention is
better than a pound of cure.” This is certainly true for database environments
where when built and in operation, it might be nearly impossible to “cure”
problems that arise. As a result, it is critical that sufficient time and effort be spent
in the planning and evaluation of the database design, the logical and physical
instance implementation, backup, recovery and data retention/purge

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