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Innovating over the Horizon: How to Survive Disruption and Thrive

Video Description

In the December 2012 Harvard Business Review, Clayton Christensen and Max Wessel shared new ideas about surviving disruption. This requires identifying which disruptions could affect your business, determining the disrupter's advantage (their ""extendable core""), identifying your own advantage, and figuring out how easily a disrupter might co-opt your advantage. Christensen and Wessel proposed a systematic way to chart the path and pace of disruption so organizations can fashion a complete strategic response. The key is developing a deep understanding of the ""jobs"" that customers want to get done, and what jobs disrupters could do better based on their extendable core. In this interactive HBR webinar, Christensen and Wessel will share the keys to identifying, readying for, and using a disruptive challenge to actually make your company more innovative – and more competitive.