Creating a Roadmap

The next important step before you commit to a long-term innovation initiative is to develop a detailed charter, a program implementation plan, and an innovation scorecard that will keep you on track. There are numerous implementation methods on a continuum of create space, build strength, or accelerate growth for innovation. Each organization must evaluate where it falls on this path. In addition, organizational readiness, sponsorship, leader alignment, and urgency to innovate are necessary components for constructing your innovation roadmap.

The purpose of Part I was to ensure a solid foundation for your innovation journey to maximize your investments. By now, you should have completed the following:

1. Innovation intent. You have defined and integrated your innovation intent into your business intent.
2. Innovation strategy. You have defined and linked your innovation strategy to your business strategy.
3. Innovation goals and objectives. You have defined expected outcomes.

Your next step is to design an optimal innovation program specific to your environment. Many choices will need to be made, including process, structure, resources, governance, and measurements of your innovation initiative.

Innovation Playbook

The innovation playbook is the 24- to 36-month roadmap for your innovation program rollout. It should contain specific decisions completed so far as well as the specific organizing elements required to proceed.

A suggested architecture ...

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