The One Secret about Innovation

Embrace the one secret. Everyone can innovate or contribute to innovation efforts. But can they do it year after year? Organizations can identify and launch an unending pipeline of great innovations if they embrace this one secret that will continually produce streams of innovation success. What is the secret?

It is true that milk contains butter; corn seeds contain oil; and cane yields sugar. But by merely holding milk in the hand, you cannot get butter; burning corn cannot yield oil; shaking the cane will not result in a shower of sugar. Merely knowing that your company needs to be innovative does not create innovations. Reading books and sending employees to creativity and innovation workshops alone won't yield the optimum results from innovation-related activities.

The cycle of investment–effort–management–results is no longer modern or sufficient enough for growth. It may work for a little while, but don't bet on it for continuous growth. The world of commerce is very different today from what it was like yesterday. The factors driving change are too numerous and invisible.

There is one secret that can help you outcompete. This secret is within your grasp. You already have it. You don't need to buy it. You just need to discover it for yourself and for everyone around you, at all levels.

If you activate this hidden secret, it will enable a tremendous number of innovations. You will still need to support this secret with a good innovation ...

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