Is Your Organization Reinvention Ready?

A successful organizational reinvention is based on a number of things, for example, a solid strategic plan that serves as the nuts and bolts of your reinvention strategy. But just as important is determining the speed of your reinvention plan—changing the rules of your playbook may not be adopted at the same time—where managing organizational behaviors will need to be included in your plan.

Time Frame Considerations

Although the actual time frame is determined by the implementation team, something to consider in establishing the deadline is the company's culture: Is it more entrepreneurial, is it conservative and inclined to retain the status quo, or is it somewhere in the middle? How comfortable is the organization with considering, adopting, and implementing change?

Low-Hanging Fruit This time frame is dependent on what is readily available to the team—resources, knowledge base, skill sets, and the like—and low-hanging fruit refers to the ease with which something is embraced, adopted, and implemented. The time frame is defined by the implementation team: If everything is available, then the implementation could be fast.

Incremental A culture of planning and managing change over time is more important than speed. The leaders, managers, and workforce are process-oriented and comfortable with environments that allow for flexibility and adapting to changing conditions over time. The actual time frame is dependent on the desired goal and the ...

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