Transitions, Disruptions, and Innovation

Transition has become a cycle with its own ebb and flow. The importance of navigating transitions within your organization and in your career will influence future success. Transitions are closely aligned with disruptions, which are closely aligned with innovation. Embracing disruption is the new mantra in a reinvented world.

Adaptive, agile behavior will become critical for flourishing in the new world of business.

We are always in transition—when we enter into a new situation, transition within an existing one, or transition out of a situation, regardless of the time spent there. We may have direct control or influence over the length of time we remain in a situation and sometimes not. Even though we can choose to remain in situations as briefly as a minute or for years, that does not change the fact that what may appear to be a static situation is, in fact, going through its own transition cycle.

Nothing ever stays the same.

We begin jobs, we end jobs, we take advantage of a new opportunity or we choose not to, we begin new relationships, and we end others.

By looking at disruptions as cycles of transition, you're more capable of seeing around corners as you lead in front of the inflection point curve. If you know where to look for transition points, know when to expect a transitional shift, and know how to prepare for one so that you're not pushing up against change but allowing it to be part of the energy around you, you become adaptable ...

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