Are You a Reinvention-Ready Career Professional?

Following is a list of reinvention readiness questions for career professionals that aim to prepare you for reinventing yourself in a business setting. Professionals interested in taking a more prominent leadership role in their company or place of business will also want to review the leaders— list of readiness questions in Chapter 14—similar to the list here—for ideas on how to enhance your skills and prepare you for reinventing a group. You can also participate in the reinventing leaders parts of the Web-based tools, as outlined near the end of this chapter.

Career Professional Reinvention Readiness Checklist

  • Understands the big picture: understands the professional's functional role and how it contributes to the success of the group, organization, and company.
  • Resourcefulness, creative problem solving: not stopped cold in their tracks when faced with challenges, they research the problem and call on the help of subject matter experts as needed.
  • Collaborative decision making: actively contributes to the decision-making process in teams (different from groupthink) and participates in innovation tribes in building their career networks.
  • Partners with finance: completes courses in business finance models and assumes more responsibility for managing project budgets.
  • Transition lifecycles: comfortable with the ebb and flow of transition and change; willing to accept stretch goals that take them outside their comfort zone.
  • Relationships ...

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