EMC: Patricia Florissi, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, Americas

Dr. Patricia Florissi loves the fact that EMC's vision of innovation is broad and ambitious.

“I completely align with EMC's vision of becoming the undisputable leader in enabling cloud computing, for both enterprises and service providers. It helps me focus on how we can innovate today to enable tomorrow,” Florissi says.

“EMC's mission requires that we make a diligent effort to not only nourish the innovation engine, but to also adapt it to the ever evolving landscape. EMC is continuously trying to understand and anticipate the impact that the economical, social, and technological trends have on the execution of its strategy and it then tries to pro-actively act on this impact by designing and implementing effective adjustments.”

Dr. Florissi says that EMC realized early on that enterprises were going through a nebulous phase with respect to implementing a cloud strategy. Enterprises understood the need to capitalize on cloud benefits, especially cost reduction via economies of scale and standardization of technologies, agility to support business needs and flexibility in resource allocation. Enterprises needed, however, a tremendous amount of support in defining and implementing a migration strategy that could be the least disruptive to the business. EMC is establishing its leadership as a cloud enabler by not only delivering the technology needed but also by guiding and supporting customers through that journey. ...

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