Innovation in China

Book description

The word innovation is often used today regarding China, as if the concept were new to the Eastern country. Most people know, however, that China was a juggernaut
in creating new technologies and at one time was the innovation king of the world- but that was at least seven centuries ago! Today, the great oriental power is attempting once again to take the throne of innovation for its own. This desire to usurp the throne, which had been diligently taken by the West during the Scientific Revolution, has placed an almost unrealistic emphasis on innovation. In Innovation in China: The Tail of the Dragon, the author explores the issues and actors involved in making innovation the emphasis in China. He  uses a simple systems model of innovation and various perceptual lenses. The lenses are aimed at the historical, economic, political, legal, educational and cultural elements of an innovation-based society.  After reading the book the reader will understand more about how innovation is happening in China and
by whom. More  importantly, the reader will begin a journey of learning more about where the country is going as it relentlessly continues its drive to create an
innovation-based society and to become once again, in terms appropriate to its history, the ‘Emperor of Innovation’.

Product information

  • Title: Innovation in China
  • Author(s): William H.A. Johnson
  • Release date: July 2015
  • Publisher(s): Business Expert Press
  • ISBN: 9781606494417