6 Innovation Management Software

  • Learning Objectives for Project Managers and Innovation Personnel
  • To understand the need for innovation management software
  • To understand how innovation management software supports an information warehouse
  • To understand how innovation management software supports innovation decision making


So far, we have discussed the importance of assigning a professional managerial person dedicated to the management of new ideas that could be commercialized into products or services. This person, the innovation project manager, is not the person who would necessarily create something new, but the one who knows all the processes needed to encourage the birth of an idea and to turn it into reality or, better, into business value. To better perform this task, it is necessary for him/her to have a profound awareness about the tools that can help make it happen.

Over the past two decades, innovation project managers have recognized the importance of creating an information warehouse for data to support innovation activities. The market place has responded with the creation of innovation management software. The main/basic idea behind such software is that the greatest heritage to create innovation is already inside the company, the issue being how to better allow that new ideas to come out. This goal is reached by creating an innovation platform in the form of a digital cloud that collects, filters, develops, and implements idea. The possibility ...

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