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Innovation is inherently disruptive when it comes to new products and services, especially for companies forced to react to developments like Google and the iPhone. In this O’Reilly report, Mike Barlow investigates how startups and large companies alike are looking to keep up with the pace of technological innovation today.

Disruptive innovation doesn’t always involve a new product or service. Creating new a business model or new market for an existing product can have the same effect. A couple of years ago, a small platform-as-a-service company repurposed an internal project as a virtual shipping container called Docker—a classic "pivot" story.

With this report, you’ll explore the different challenges and opportunities faced by startups and mature companies during the innovation process. The stakes are high. Many tech giants that dominated the scene 25 years ago, such as Wang Laboratories and the Digital Electronics Corporation, have since been disrupted out of existence by sharper, faster, bigger, or more agile rivals.

Mike Barlow is an award-winning journalist, author, and communications strategy consultant. Since launching his own firm, Cumulus Partners, he has represented major organizations in a number of industries.

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  • Title: Innovation
  • Author(s): Mike Barlow
  • Release date: November 2015
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781491942390