Chapter 24

Ten Traits of Innovative Presenters

In This Chapter

arrow Traits that keep audiences engaged

arrow Traits that help you get your points across

Throughout this book, we give you strategies and tactics to create and deliver the most effective, innovative presentations you can. In this feel-good chapter we describe the positive traits that transcendent presenters exhibit and give you tips for accessing them in yourself when you give presentations. We list them in alphabetical order because one isn’t more important than another. You may (probably will) find that several traits are an inherent part of your character and personality but that you need to develop others.


Whether you know a little bit about a lot of topics or everything about one or two topics, you probably have too much information for your presentation. When preparing the outline and content, test each point and sentence to be sure it’s necessary and adds value. An anecdote about your singing goldfish may be entertaining, but unless you need an example about unexpected talents, it probably doesn’t fit in your presentation.

After you have whittled out the interesting-but-unnecessary tidbits from your presentation, consider the order in which you present your visuals and accompanying spoken words. Is there a logical ...

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