So, now you have had a brief look at WAP and WML. It’s time to see how this all relates to the Mobile Device SDK for ASP.NET. Table 16.1 outlines some key elements used in WAP/WML development and explains the equivalent elements in ASP.NET:

Table 16.1. Comparing WAP/WML to ASP.NET
WAP Element Mobile Internet Control
Deck, <wml> This is the name of the file sent to a mobile device; the deck can be made up of one or more cards.
MobilePage The MobilePage class is similar to the Web Form page class, but it is specifically for the creation of mobile Web Forms.
<card> The <card> is the term given to a chunk of presentation logic for a mobile device page. You can have more than one card to a deck. The first card in the deck file is the ...

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