Combining Task and Target Batching

In this section, we will demonstrate ways to use task and target batching together. In this discussion, we will examine the following sample project file, Batching04.proj.

<Project xmlns=""> <ItemGroup> <Server Include="Server1"> <Type>2008</Type> <Name>SVR01</Name> <AdminContact>Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi</AdminContact> </Server> <Server Include="Server2"> <Type>2003</Type> <Name>SVR02</Name> <AdminContact>Sayed Y. Hashimi</AdminContact> </Server> <Server Include="Server3"> <Type>2008</Type> <Name>SVR03</Name> <AdminContact>Nicole Woodsmall</AdminContact> </Server> <Server Include="Server4"> <Type>2003</Type> <Name>SVR04</Name> <AdminContact>Keith Tingle</AdminContact> ...

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