Creating XSL-FO Lists

As you saw in Chapter 11, XSL-FO tables work much as they do in HTML, and it turns out that lists do, too. Just as in HTML, an XSL list displays a vertical list of items. You use four XSL-FO elements to create lists:

  • <fo:list-block>

  • <fo:list-item>

  • <fo:list-item-label>

  • <fo:list-item-body>

You enclose the whole list in an <fo:list-block> element, and each item in the list in an <fo:list-item> element.To create a label for the list item, you use an <fo:list-item-label> element, and to insert the actual data for each list item, you use an <fo:list-item-body> element.

Here’s an example, lists.xsl, that transforms planets.xml into XSL-FO list format, with each list item displaying the name of a planet:

Listing 12.1. lists.xsl

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