Chapter 5. Managing Logons and Users

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to:

  • Customize your logon in various ways.

  • Set up an automatic logon.

  • Implement logon policies.

  • Handle the rights and privileges of built-in account types.

  • Use advanced methods for working with user accounts.

  • Create and enforce strong passwords.

  • Share your computer securely with other users.

If you have Microsoft Windows XP set up in the simplest configuration—a standalone computer with you as the sole user—you might be excused for not knowing that Windows XP even has a logon process or user accounts. That’s because, in the simplest-configuration scenario, Windows XP "hides" its logon and user features because they don’t need to be conspicuous. But what if you’re prudent (or even, let’s ...

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