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Insightful Quality, Second Edition

Book Description

In order to survive and attain market leadership, organizations must engage in longer-term strategic quality activities to address radical, paradigm-shifting improvements that affect the organization and its competitive position. This requires a different way of thinking and acting by leaders and managers that is known as insightful thinking. This book can show you how to achieve this kind of success. It is about how to think insightfully about quality and to increase the creativity, innovation, and agility of an organization and its employees. Quality must be addressed in strategic as well as operational terms in order for organizations to compete effectively over the long term. Strategic quality management requires insightful leadership.The second edition updates the case discussions about real organizations that illustrate the main points of the book. It challenges leaders and managers to adopt a new way of thinking and presents thought-provoking ideas about how organizations can begin the process of charting their own paths to insight and lasting success.