Inspired Leadership

Book description

Elevate your leadership to achieve the extraordinary

Inspired Leadership is the essential guide to performing at the highest level every day. As CEO of Porsche, author Kevin Gaskell led the company from near-bankruptcy to the most profitable car company. During his four years at BMW, the company saw 80% growth in sales and 500% increase in profitability. Good leaders get results and great leaders get great results—but Inspired Leaders get extraordinary results, turn around companies, ensure people development and turn brands into household names. This book shows you how to become an Inspired Leader. Workable strategies, practical frameworks, and real-world essential skills give you a concrete curriculum for success, while anecdotes and examples drawn from the author's experiences illustrate important concepts in action.

Inspirational, aspirational, and deeply instructional, this guide will become your go-to resource for navigating the leader's role. From tricky situations to everyday interactions, you'll learn the skills and outlook you need to take your leadership to the next level.

  • Learn what Inspired Leadership looks like in terms of results
  • Discover the key factors that separate Inspired leaders from the merely "great"
  • Adopt the tools and processes that get extraordinary results in the real world
  • Understand the essential core of high performance, and incorporate it into your day-to-day

Quality leadership is the difference between success and failure, but Inspired Leadership is the difference between success and world-class performance. It requires 360-degree attention, laser focus, authentic relationships, and a rock-solid understanding of the leader's role. When you're ready to achieve the extraordinary, Inspired Leadership is the resource to keep within arm's reach.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Series Page
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Acknowledgements
  6. About the Author
  7. Introduction
  8. Part One: Commit
    1. Chapter 1: Dare to Dream
      1. Being a Leader
      2. Learning to Lead
      3. Abandon 3% Thinking
      4. Your Learning Starts Now
      5. Note
    2. Chapter 2: Build Belief
      1. Rejecting the Status Quo
      2. Shared Belief Gives Us Purpose
      3. Sharing Belief in Change
      4. Sharing the Passion
      5. Belief Starts with You
      6. Notes
    3. Chapter 3: How Good Do You Want to Be?
      1. Why are You Here?
      2. Given, not Demanded
      3. A Vision of the Future
      4. Paint a Wall Red
      5. Integrity is Inspiring
      6. Inspiring Belief
      7. Notes
    4. Chapter 4: Make the Impossible Possible
      1. Walking to the North Pole
      2. Planning: If You're not an Expert, Find One
      3. Preparation: Everyone Needs to Understand the Process
      4. Support: You Can't do it on Your Own
      5. Discipline: We Take Care of Each Other
      6. Teamwork: Working Together is an Extraordinary Experience
      7. Transcend Your Self-Imposed Limitations
      8. Notes
    5. Chapter 5: Confront the F Word
      1. Fear of Flying
      2. Fear of Losing
      3. Fear of Creative Destruction
      4. Fear of the First Step
      5. “We're too Busy to Change”
      6. “We're too Big to Change”
      7. “We don't do it Like that Around Here”
      8. The Whinge Wall
      9. Notes
  9. Part Two: Connect
    1. Chapter 6: Begin at the End
      1. It is Easy to Lose Your Way
      2. The Problem of Short-Term Thinking
      3. Interrogating the Business
      4. Success in 360 Degrees
      5. Creating Space to Dream
      6. Notes
    2. Chapter 7: A Simple Plan
      1. From Planning to Fail to Planning to Succeed
      2. You will Live by this Plan
      3. Creating Ideas
      4. Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize
      5. Writing the Plan
      6. Communicating the Plan
      7. Planning a Culture of Success
      8. It's a Plan, not a Tablet of Stone
      9. Notes
    3. Chapter 8: Don't Be a Genius, Make a Genius
      1. Your Genius is Waiting for You
      2. Geniuses are Made, not Born
      3. Think Different
      4. Where are Your Geniuses?
      5. Notes
    4. Chapter 9: Be Better First, Then Bigger
      1. Being Better is a State of Mind
      2. Being Better Means Thinking Big
      3. Being Better is About Everything You do
      4. Being Better is not About Spending Money
      5. Being Better is Everyone's Job, All the Time
      6. Notes
    5. Chapter 10: In Command, Out of Control
      1. Out of Control is Natural (and Good)
      2. Teams Solve Your Problems
      3. Good Leaders Delegate
      4. Keep the Heartrate High
      5. Notes
  10. Part Three: Create
    1. Chapter 11: Are We Having Fun Yet?
      1. Work is Emotional
      2. What is Fun?
      3. How do We Create Fun?
      4. Notes
    2. Chapter 12: No One Is an “Only a . . .”
      1. “Somebody Like You”
      2. Our Instinct to Think “Only a . . .”
      3. Good Ideas Come from Everywhere
      4. Feedback is Golden
      5. Getting Paid
      6. The Hidden Value of Knowhow
      7. Everyone in the Team Matters
      8. Notes
    3. Chapter 13: Catch In, Don't Catch Out
      1. Blame Culture Undermines the Team
      2. No Cover-Ups
      3. Encourage Communication
      4. Social Support
      5. An Engine of Improvement
      6. Notes
    4. Chapter 14: Sustaining Success
      1. Learning to Let Go
      2. A New Broom
      3. Energy Vampires and Doubters
      4. Events
      5. Impatience
      6. Hanging on Too Long
      7. Learning to Sustain Yourself
      8. Make it Count
      9. Notes
  11. Afterword: Wait Until the Sun Comes Up
  12. Bibliography
  13. Index
  14. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Inspired Leadership
  • Author(s): Kevin Gaskell
  • Release date: September 2017
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119383024