Chapter 8Don't Be a Genius, Make a Genius

Figure explaining the term “CONNECT” that includes three parts: 1.Prepare for success; 2. Everyone creates change; and 3. Sustain momentum. First part indicating the term “BEGIN AT THE END” by connecting your vision to how you behave as a team by describing success in 360 degrees. First two parts are indicating the term “A SIMPLE PLAN” by focusing on the projects and priorities that make your vision real by creating your 1000-day plan. Third part indicating the term “DON'T BE A GENIUS, MAKE A GENIUS” by uncovering creativity that you team did not know they had by creating ways for bright ideas to flourish.

Every successful business I have been part of has succeeded not by outspending its competitors, but by outthinking them. To do this, you need smart ideas, that no one else has had, and those ideas need to come from the people around you.

The business plans that we discussed previously are only as good as the ideas that your team has to make them come to life. When you challenge your team to imagine how you could grow by 300%, your success directly depends on what they contribute. But many businesses draw a line between “creatives” and the rest of the business. There will always be insightful, original thinkers. But everyone has the potential to be a 5% genius. I want my 5% geniuses not to be afraid to have great ideas, and to be allowed to flourish.

In this chapter, we will look at how you, as an inspiring leader, can inspire creative genius and connect with all the bright ideas that teams often fail to capture until it is too late, if at all. Sometimes one good idea can change how your team sees its job, and how the rest of the world sees your business.

Your Genius is Waiting for You

Leadership is not about being a genius. It is about creating the culture for other people to contribute their genius to the team. Sometimes it's about recognizing that people have specific skills, and giving those people the freedom to apply those skills. ...

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