Chapter 7. How to Tell the Difference between Inspiration and a Wild Goose Chase

David Garfinkel

As President of Overnight Marketing in San Francisco, David Garfinkel has the rare ability to not only write deadly effective sales copy for clients that have included giants like IBM, Time Life Books, and United Airlines, as well as countless smaller businesses, but he's also known as the world's greatest copywriting coach, because he can teach others how to write great copy, too.

David has a deep understanding of the challenges facing solo entrepreneurs and he draws on his distinguished career, spanning business journalism, publishing, marketing, copywriting, and even Hollywood screenwriting to shed light on how to tell the difference between inspired marketing and a costly wild goose chase.

Read on and discover David's insight into how to balance and blend your creativity with critical business sense to create winning and inspired campaigns.

David: I think you can do what you love and the money will follow I think you can also do what you love and go bankrupt. There are a few distinctions that some of the people promoting these ideas have glossed over, and I want to address them. I've gotten in a lot of trouble when I didn't know these things and have had a much better batting average since I have.

Craig: I'm really glad you're doing this.

David: I figured you would be intellectually robust and up for the challenge, but I just dove in there whether you were or not.

Craig: That's inspiration ...

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