Chapter 9. The Secret to Inspired Marketing Is___

Mark Joyner

Mark Joyner is one of the true pioneers of Internet marketing, credited with not only coming up with, but rigorously testing most of the strategies and tactics Internet marketers use today. Using the power of curiosity in e-mail subject lines to increase response, like the fill-in-theblank title of this chapter, is just one of Mark's many innovations.

He's the founder of The Simple Science Of Getting What You Want and best-selling author of The Great Formula, The Irresistible Offer, and Mind He remains on the cutting edge today with his unique marketing campaigns.

With his background that includes military duty, human persuasion, and direct marketing systems, we wanted to know what Mark would say about the role inspiration plays in his success.

His answer is a fascinating examination of where science and inspiration meet.

Craig: I remember when you first told me about It struck me as a good example of inspired marketing.

Mark: I think that while a lot of it came from flashes of inspiration, a lot of it came from just plain necessity, as well.

Simpleology came about as a result of the people who I was consulting for paying me $2,000 an hour to give them marketing ideas. It became very clear to me very quickly that they had a million and one great marketing ideas; they just weren't getting any of them done.

So, I would teach them the stuff that is now codified as a system ...

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