Are you ready to have some fun? We hope you are! Because Instagram is all about entertainment and creating exciting content. Because you’ve chosen this book, we know you’re ready to get down to business to create an Instagram account that will not only help you grow your business but also be something you enjoy!

With more and more people joining Instagram every day, the social media app continues to grow at unprecedented rates. But with that growth comes a lot of noise and saturation from people who don’t quite understand how to use the platform effectively. After reading this book, however, you'll have the tools and tactics necessary to build a successful Instagram profile.

About This Book

The purpose of Instagram For Business For Dummies is simply to help you use Instagram effectively. As you can see by the number of pages in this book, that purpose is easier said than done! In fact, some people think that Instagram marketing means just uploading a photo to Instagram.

Instagram really is as simple as uploading a photo. But for strategic business use, you should employ a number of marketing and traffic-generating tactics, which we explore in this book. And as Instagram adds more features to the platform, such as multi-image posts and Instagram Stories, understanding how to create this additional content is just as important.

We take you through every step of creating and uploading content to Instagram, writing effective captions that get your audience to take action, ...

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