Chapter 1. Appearing Magically—Like a Genie!

There are six reasons we'll cover appearing magically before any other technique.

Doing it instantly:

  1. Gets you into an interview

  2. Exercises you (with your endorphins flowing—active rather than passive)

  3. Trains you to answer the (always asked) interview questions naturally

  4. Enables you to own the dialogue

  5. Boosts your self-confidence dramatically

  6. Makes the other 100 Dos more effective

Right now, my wish is your command. (That will change rather abruptly once you start pumpin' interviews, so I'd better work fast!)

We'll get to your warm market (family, friends, and acquaintances) later. But let's cover that instantly infinite cold market now, or you'll never get there.

Unsuccessful jobseekers burn through their warm market, then stop stone cold. They stay in that warm, fuzzy comfort zone, wasting valuable time, surrounded by those who commiserate rather than connect with them. They spend their time psychoanalyzing why nobody wants to hire them rather than talking to the ones who do.

FEAR is the culprit. The letters stand for False Evidence Appearing Real. Now you're going to learn to spell it right: F-U-E-L. That means Finding Unlimited Employment Leads.

We'll turn your fear into fuel.

You'll need:

  • At least a thousand business cards with your name (full name and middle initial), address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address. Keep them simple and readable, black on white. The price drops like a depth charge for quantities, and you'll be using them ...

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