Chapter 2. Making and Taking the Instant Interview Magic Potion

Want to interview stronger and longer?


Here's the Instant Interview Magic Potion. A delicious drink that will power you through a whole morning of instant interviewing.

The potion stabilizes your metabolism and curbs your appetite. That allows you to concentrate on what you do best—instant interviewing. (Follow the making-and-taking instructions carefully to maximize potency and effectiveness.)

The Potion's Magic

If you fortify your body and mind in the morning, you'll be energetic, alert, and able to go the distance. The magic is that you'll be doing it and no offerors will.

This will make you appear even more confident, upbeat, and energetic than your coffee-and-donut breakfast, greasy-fast-food lunch audience. They'll want you around even more.

It's common knowledge that a processed carbohydrate meal causes your blood sugar level to rise rapidly, temporarily increasing your energy. But it also drops rapidly, causing sluggishness and irritability. You don't need a spike in your blood sugar. You need sustained energy, mental acuity, and no hunger. That requires high-octane, nutritionally balanced fuel.

Your body is too precious and unique to run with anything but the ...

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