Chapter 26. Expediting Executive Recruiting

In this Do, I'll show you how to work with the most important people you'll encounter in the jobjungle—the headhunters.

MPC. Just three letters. But knowing what they mean and being them will unlock a workingworld of opportunities for you!

It's a "Most Placeable Candidate"—an MVP in the jobgame. Every successful recruiter looks for one. That's who you're going to be now.

Understanding Who Recruiters Are and What They Do

Executive recruiters are not technically working for you. Their clients (employers) pay the fee. For good reason.

Recruiters are the sharpest, quickest, most amazing people I've ever known. And after being in and around their business practically every day (and night) for 42 years, I know them really well. If you do too, and become an MPC, your career will skyrocket. They'll be your eyes and ears to good, better, and best for as long as you care to work.

Treat them with respect, demonstrate the self-confidence that you're gaining through instant interviews, and let them know you can go the distance. "Running with an MPC" means using your background as a leader to generate job orders (aka search assignments) they can fill with you and perhaps others.

Recruiters spend their days (and nights) searching for people like you. Most candidates—regardless of whether they look good on paper—don't present well in person. And you now know that nothing else matters.

The vast majority of candidates just waste a recruiter's time. If you're doing ...

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