Chapter 46. Renewing Acquaintances Instantly

Friends, former teachers, former supervisors, and former coworkers!

These and other acquaintances we'll discuss are right there—just below the surface—to more than double your interviews instantly. First, it's who they know. That doubles your opportunity. Then, it's what they know. Some manager who just quit, a new client who needs help, an office that's looking for a supervisor.

You always start with a phone call. Break the ice if it's been awhile. Smash the ice if it's been longer. Those cold calls are redhotter than you think.

Let's look at the unique advantages of each type of acquaintance.


The working ones have knowledge of job openings, and more importantly, potential ones.

However, they may not know about being eligible for an employee referral fee. Mention the possibility and encourage them to check it out.

So helping you with an interview may go even beyond friendship.

Besides, it's fun to work with friends.

Former Teachers

Make a list of your former teachers. You'll surprise yourself, because there are dozens.

It makes no difference whether the teacher liked you, whether you were a good student, or even whether the teacher remembers you!

Any teacher you can locate (start at the school or college) is likely to be flattered that you asked. One of the great rewards of teaching is to see your students succeed. Very few students stay in touch with former teachers, but the teachers think of them constantly.

There's a natural yearning to ...

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