Chapter 51. Sampling the Sweets at Job Fairs

Most people leave job fairs with only a goodie bag filled with candy, cookies, and silly stuff. They're in a deeper funk than they were before they saw the ad. That's because they expected that the word job meant there were jobs, and the word fair meant they'd be considered fairly.

Not us. We expect you to be the exception. As in exceptional. Forget the little Paydays. (Really!) We want to find someone who's got the honeypot (both the honey and the pot).

So don your duds and let's go to the fair!

I want to get there an hour before it opens. That's when the management people are getting everything and everyone organized. It's hard to do instant interviews when everyone's grabbing the logo beanies or filling out apps at the table.

Good. Here we are. Plenty of spaces. Pull your junglejeep in right here. The fair's in that tent right next to the jobgym (Do 45).

The side entrance over here is open. Huh?—What's this? So many people in pilot's uniforms! They must have chosen a Halloween theme. That explains why there's so much candy.

No, that's not it. I just asked at the registration desk. They flew in from the mainland. They really are pilots. Attendance at these conflabs is in their job description. They are required to collect as much paper from the natives as they can, then they must pile it here and pile it there.

But there's a gray-haired lady in a Chanel suit with an LV briefcase over there. Look—she's the commander, ordering those pilots around. ...

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