Chapter 60. Outerviewing There and Now

Outerviewing is interviewing away from home with your expenses paid by an offeror.

Picking a place you'd like to be, finding someone to invite you there, and instanting like a magical maniac on a mission.

You just have to get an outerview with the anchor offeror.

Let's say you want to live in Boston. You're in Dallas and don't have the money to make a scouting trip to the Boston area. You need to find an anchor offeror in Boston to host your coming-out party.

There are 10 steps to doing it.

Google the Area, then Contact the Local Newspaper and Chamber of Commerce

It might be a metropolitan newspaper or a suburban one. Type newspaper and the name of the city. Look for help wanted, advertising, and editorial department phone numbers.

Call the newspaper office and speak to a supervisor in each of these departments.

Google and call the local chamber too.

Tell the person you reach that you're looking to relocate to the area. Ask who they think would be a good contact for job interviewing.

Write down the business name, contact name and title, phone number, and e-mail address (if they know it) of each contact.

Google Each Business

You must do this step or you won't have the talking points you need to sell them on your knowledge and capabilities.

Print out a few pages of history, products, and future plans. Write in the margins how you can benefit the business. Nothing elaborate, just to shift your mind from idling to overdrive.

Write Down Your Talking Points

Print ...

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