Chapter 64. Banking Professional References Instantly

Here's your other huge do-posit slip!

Because references properly selected and prepared are like money in the bank.

Now let's write this slip.

Selecting the Right Professional References

Stay away from using current supervisors.

Review your career history and current business contacts for the names of the most potent references.


  • Former supervisors at past employers

  • Your boss's boss and other high-level executives at past employers who know your contributions

  • Coworkers at present or past employers who also know your contributions

  • Subordinates who can verify your management ability

  • Colleagues who served with you on committees or task forces

  • Members of trade associations or professional groups who like you

  • Managers of support departments who assisted with your projects (finance, management information systems, communications, sales, marketing, market research, purchasing, or inventory control)

  • Members of consulting firms and other vendors who worked with you

After you've assembled a comprehensive list, pick up the phone, smile, and begin calling them. Cross off all the people who greet you with "Bob who?" Cut the call short if the person sounds unenthused. You want at least five professional references who are glad to hear from you, and whose words and word skills will help you land that job.

Your reference must mention attributes that get you hired. Say a job requires the ability to supervise. You roll out the five references who can ...

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