Chapter 84. Supercharging Your Sphere of Influence

Now let's get your family and friends buzzin' like a bunch of bug-eyed bumblebees.

There are seven superchargers to awakening crazily committed people who love you or just depend on you for food and shelter.

You must do all seven superchargers because it's a system.

List Every Adult You Like

It's simple and surprising.

Go to your computer and list the name of:

  1. Every adult relative living with you

  2. Every local relative

  3. Every local friend

  4. Every local member of the clergy you know

  5. Every professional you use (accountant, lawyer, doctor)

  6. Every other provider of services to you (hairdresser, fitness coach, pet groomer)

  7. Each representative of every retailer or other merchant who sells to you

  8. Each representative of every vendor to your business

Do this in the order I've given. That will keep your list organized by type of contact.

The average I.I. has 27 names. That's 27X power magnification. V-e-r-r-r-y big.

Now number to the left with a 1 for those who'd stop a bullet for you, a 2 for who'd push you out of the way, a 3 for who'd yell "Duck!," and a 4 for who'd dial 911.

Then rewrite the list with the 1's first, followed by the 2's, 3's, and 4's. Leave some space (or use your computer) to insert phone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail addresses.

You now have a prioritized list of all your many instant interview investigators.

This list is what recruiters call a job intelligence network—supercharged.

Now you're ready to floor it!

Ask Instant Interview Investigators ...

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