Chapter 93. Sending Icon Introduction Letters

Someone big introducing you?

Who else does that? Only instants!

An icon introduction letter uses the power of a third-party testimonial. Unlike a specific letter, it is not personal to the target. Someone with major credentials writes a letter about you aimed at senior executives.

When an icon writes the right words the right way and you mass mail it, the results are staggering. Often 100 percent interviews!

You're not looking for a job; you're marketing your abilities to a specific target—offerors that need you. Now you'll know what professional marketers know.

Understand the Reason It Works

This part of your marketing plan is a direct-mail campaign, with an important addition—phone follow-up. It's called mailphone and doubles—even triples—the results from direct mail alone.

You're in the interview industry. Its mission is to get you happiness, money, and prestige. Follow the methods that the pros use, and you can't lose.

The proof of direct mail effectiveness fills your mailbox every day. Focused direct mail is a multibillion-dollar industry.

Direct mail works because it's targeted. Unlike a commercial broadcast or advertising space, a direct-mail message doesn't compete with other advertisers for attention. If it gets to the interested party, and it gets opened, it gets the offeror's undivided attention. This is more than any media advertising provides. That translates into incessant interviews.

Direct mail is also the most scientific, controllable, ...

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