Instant Vegas Movie Studio +DVD

Book description

Carefully detailed screenshots and step-by-step directions illustrate how to use Sony's new consumer-level video and audio editing applications, in a concise, time-efficient way. Readers learn the rudiments of navigating Vegas Movie Studio and the companion audio applications, Sound Forge Audio Studio and ACID Music Studio, to perform a complete range of tasks, from editing video and audio, to compositing and outputting their final project. This is the eighth book in the new VASST Instant Series produced in cooperation with the Sundance Media Group.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. Media Basics
  8. Getting Set Up with Vegas Movie Studio
    1. The Computer System
  9. Getting the Good Stuff In
    1. Workflow Can Be Fun!
    2. Project File Notes
    3. Starting a New Project in Vegas Movie Studio
    4. Open, Close, Save, Save As
    5. To Media Pool or Not to Media Pool
    6. Import Media
    7. Capturing Video Workflow
    8. Logging
    9. Hooking Up the Gear
    10. Basic Capture
    11. Advanced Capture
    12. Scanning Photographs and Other Graphics
    13. Extract Audio from CD
    14. Get Media from the Web
    15. Adding Third-Party Material
  10. Cutting Up!
    1. Adding Tracks and Media to the Timeline
    2. Right-Click Add Media Options
    3. Moving Events
    4. Timeline Trimming and Splitting
    5. Envelopes and Events
    6. Video and Audio
    7. Transitions
    8. Slip Trim Events
    9. Ripple Editing
    10. Time Selections
    11. Markers and Regions
  11. Advanced Editing Techniques
    1. Video FX
    2. Video Effects
    3. Audio Effects
    4. Using FX Presets
    5. Using Keyframes to Change Video FX over Time
    6. Using Envelopes to Change Audio
    7. Resize, Rotate, and Reverse the Video Image
    8. Picture-in-Picture Effects
    9. Adding Motion to Stills
    10. Level Opacity Superimposition
    11. Masking
    12. Chromakey Compositing
  12. Titling Tools and Text Techniques
    1. Basic Titles
    2. Play lt Safe
    3. Roll the Credits
    4. The Star Wars look
    5. Create a Lower-Third Graphic in VMS
    6. Add a Fade-In to the Lower-Third Graphic
    7. Creating a Different Type of Lower-Third
    8. Add a “Bug”
  13. Sound Off!
    1. Sound Messages
    2. Audio for Video Secrets
    3. Prepare to Record
    4. Recording Audio
    5. Cleaning Up Production Dialog
    6. Eliminating Noise
    7. Sound Mangling
    8. Integration with Sound Forge Audio Studio
  14. Getting Creative with Techniques
    1. Fast, Slow, Reverse, Strobe, and Ghost
    2. Black and White and Old Film Looks
    3. Unique Color and Shape effects
    4. Borders, Widescreen, and Letterboxing
    5. Add Pizzazz to Titles
    6. Cookie Cutter Cool
    7. The “Cops” Effect
    8. Extremely Quick Slideshow Production
    9. 3D Transitions
    10. Reduce Red Eye in Still Photos
  15. Show Your Stuff
    1. Why Render?
    2. Print to Tape (PTT)
    3. Render to a DV File on the Hard Drive
    4. MPEG-2 Encoding Tips
    5. Render to DVD (MPEG-2)
    6. Render for Web Streaming
    7. Archiving Projects
    8. Archiving Format
  16. Burn a DVD
    1. Making Menus
    2. Modifying Text
    3. Hidden Highlights!
    4. Satisfying Slideshows
    5. Music Compilations
    6. Preview the DVD
    7. Advanced Menus
    8. Burn Baby Burn!
  17. ACID: Making Music
    1. Loops, One-Shots, and Beatmaps
    2. Tempo and Key
    3. Preview, Pick, Paint, and Play
    4. Loop Sources
    5. Creating Solos, Melodies, and Themes
    6. Recording in ACID
    7. Scoring to Video
  18. ACID to the Nth Degree
    1. Using FX
    2. Arranging Parts
    3. Changing Tempo and Key
    4. Mixing (Level, EQ, Pan, FX)
    5. Export Finished Songs

Product information

  • Title: Instant Vegas Movie Studio +DVD
  • Author(s): Douglas Spotted Eagle
  • Release date: September 2012
  • Publisher(s): Routledge
  • ISBN: 9781136063572