Chapter 3. How to Create Unstoppable Momentum to Grow Your Wealth Faster than Ever Before


The Future is an empty canvas or a blank sheet of paper, and if you have the courage of your own thought and your own observation you can make of it what you will.

 --Lewis Lapham, American writer

The Alchemist is a wonderful, inspirational book by Paulo Coelho, one of the world's best-selling novelists. The story is a parable about an Andalusian shepherd boy who dreams of finding treasure near the Egyptian pyramids, so he leaves his native Spain to literally follow his dream. He has many adventures, but he learns most about life when he meets an alchemist. Alchemy was believed to be a method of turning lead into gold; however, the people who were interested only in gold never succeeded as alchemists. Only those who loved the pursuit and the process ever achieved success—because love is what makes all things great.

Channeling your love and your passion in a consistent direction is what will turn lead into gold in your work and in your life. Coelho's novel is about discovering your heart's purpose. He says that finding what he calls your personal legend is your only true obligation.

Jeff Bezos, founder of (which is worth more than $15 billion today), likens the pursuit of money just for the sake of money to the Gold Rush in 1849. People from all over the country headed to California to strike it rich quick. Doctors, lawyers, and all kinds of professionals left whatever they did well, ...

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