Script it (Advanced)

This recipe elaborates CMDLETs and the parameters that are introduced in Version 3 and can be useful to write efficient scripts with optimized efforts.

Getting ready

We have the default ISE module introduced in PowerShell Version 3.0.

How to do it...

  1. The following command statements create an ISE snippet that is reusable in any script. The Text parameter carries the actual string that is supplied as the snippet. We can also specify the Description, Title, and Author parameters if required.
    PS C:\ > $Script = @' 
    Hello Everyone
    Snippet is awesome 
    PS C:\ > New-IseSnippet -Description TestSnippet -Text $Script -Title TestSnippet –Author "Harshul"


    You should supply relevant information as text. I, for example, have used random ...

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