The Good Doctor and the Insurance Consultant


Erso Ahmet was an Australian orthopedic surgeon. He was the middle child of a hardworking, middle-class immigrant family, born in the western suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales. Erso's grandfather, a teacher in Palestine, had worked closely with the British forces during World War I, at times passing intelligence on the Ottoman Turk army positions during the battle of Jerusalem. After the war, Erso's grandfather, grandmother and five children (including Erso's father) made their way to Australia, arriving initially in Melbourne in 1919 before moving to Sydney a few months later.

Erso's father, like many immigrants new to Australia, wanted a better life for his children and knew the importance of education. His father owned a furniture business, and the children were expected to help with the business in addition to studying hard at school. Erso lived with his family in the suburbs before moving into town to study with his older brother. Erso attended medical school; his brother studied engineering. While at university, his parents introduced him to Ajda, and a year later the two were married. One year later, the first of their four children was born.

Erso graduated with honors and secured a placement with a large Sydney hospital for his residency internship. While working there, Erso anglicized his name to Edward but often ...

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