Rushing an Insurance Claim


Most business owners spend a majority of their day thinking about how they can improve their business — how they can increase sales, increase productivity, be more efficient and pay the bills. However, for a small percentage of them, the thought process is very different. These individuals care more about how they can personally benefit from the least amount of effort, regardless of how many people are affected. Anthony Grau initially spent most of his time thinking about the right way to grow the business he inherited from his father. Anthony wanted to exceed his father's successes and expectations and was going to stop at nothing to preserve his family's legacy in the wholesale business. Unfortunately, Anthony's ability to grow the business did not match the demands of his lifestyle.

Anthony's parents, Victoria and Phillip Grau, were born and raised in Poland. Shortly after World War II began, they gathered a few of their personal possessions and left Europe for the United States. Soon after arriving in New York City, Phillip, barely 18 years old and with very little education, found a job polishing diamonds in New York City's jewelry district. This was a good job for Phillip since he only knew a few words of English. The weekly salary was low, but Phillip was happy that he was able to bring home some money and support himself and his wife. ...

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