30Engineering Bone Formation with Biologically Inspired Nanomaterials

Esmaiel Jabbari


  1. 30.1 Introduction
  2. 30.2 Bone Structure
  3. 30.3 Collagen Nanostructure and Its Effect on Cell Differentiation
  4. 30.4 Peptide-Reinforced Nanocomposites
  5. 30.5 Bone Mimetic Laminated Nanocomposites
  6. 30.6 Conclusions
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. References

30.1 Introduction

Clinical methods of treating skeletal defects [1] involve bone transplantation or the use of synthetic materials to restore continuity. Autograft tissue is limited by supply and morbidity at the harvest site. Allograft tissue is limited by disease transfer and immunogenic response from the host tissue. Stress shielding and particulate wear are potential concerns with the use of nondegradable polymers ...

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