Chapter 12. Troubleshooting IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for OS/400 PASE 361
Figure 12-3 Web administrative client interface help for a message number
12.3 IBM Tivoli Storage Manager message format
IBM Tivoli Storage Manager messages are constructed in three parts. The first part of the
message is three characters long and represents where the message originated. The next
four numbers are the real message number. The last character shows the type of message.
Consider this example:
ANR 1404 W
The three most common message prefixes are:
򐂰 ANE: Messages that begin with prefix ANE and are in range 4000 through 4999 originate
from the backup-archive client.
򐂰 ANR: Messages that begin with prefix ANR originate from the server.
򐂰 ANS: Messages that begin with prefix ANS are from one of the following clients:
Administrative clients
Application program interface clients
Backup–archive clients
Space Manager (HSM) clients
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The available message suffixes are:
򐂰 I= Information
򐂰 E = Error
򐂰 S = Severe Error
򐂰 W = Warning
򐂰 K = Kernel message that originates from the HSM client
Message number ANR1404W can be as interpreted as server warning message 1404.

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