CHAPTER 12Construction Management

The construction phase of the project is when all of the hard planning and organizational work comes to fruition. It is also when the project becomes extremely complicated and integrating sustainability requires the most focus and effort. These complexities increase for a number of reasons, including:

  • The number of people on the project increases quickly and dramatically
  • The number of organizations (contractors and subcontractors) with boots on the ground increases
  • Impacts to the local community start to become real
  • Damage to the environment becomes a reality
  • Promised benefits like local employment, contracts, and infrastructure become realized
  • Managing permits and regulatory requirements reaches critical milestones
  • The volume of communication with stakeholders and the local community increases

There is also a significant shift in the engagement focus for the project. During the project development and approvals stages of the project, the focus is government regulators as well as the local community. During the construction stage, the engagement focus shifts primarily to the community. During construction, the potential impacts that were discussed during planning stages start to become a reality, and the project can easily lose community support if not managed proactively. Effectively integrating sustainability into construction management can help to minimize impacts, maintain communications, and reduce the risk of disruptions and schedule ...

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