11 IoT and Its Role in Performance Enhancement in Business Organizations

11IoT and Its Role in Performance Enhancement in Business Organizations

Seema Sahai1*, Richa Goel1, Parul Bajaj2 and Gurinder Singh1

1Amity International Business School, NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh, India

2Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India


Nowadays, technology is helping the company enterprise to allow further harvests at low cost and produce targeted performance. However, in order to cut costs and improve efficiency, automation accelerates market ability by leveraging autonomous system systems to substitute human activity through Robot technology. In order to recognize developments in the structure of jobs, efficiency and employment require gaining perspectives into the interrelationship between technologies with Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and the Web. This chapter will first discuss about the concept of IoT and its usages and it will concentrate on how the organization renders itself capable of lowering expenses and evaluating improvements in the job and expertise or abilities of workers using tech-nology. It will also focus on how technology impacts the performance of the employee and help to pursue their creative goal into new work/life balance technology environment.

Keywords: IoT, employee performance, productivity, work environment, employment

11.1 Introduction

IoT is a way to empower the interlinking and fuse of the corporal world what’s more, the web. It ...

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