14Convergence of Big Data and Cloud Computing Environment

Ranjan Ganguli

All India Institute of Local Self Government, Deoghar, India


Big Data is created every day from various heterogeneous sources over the internet and is a challenging task in processing, handling and storing for major organization. To be dealt with, convergence of Cloud computing with Big data has played a vital role as a solution of cost effective, better flexibility with data security at a higher level. This creates an edge over traditional computing methods and delivered at a cheaper rate. This Chapter introduces Big data and its challenges in respect of traditional databases. In various other parts, we will discuss how convergence activities played a major role with Big data in finding a solution in Cloud computing platform for handling large volume, fast moving and ever increasing data in the internet along with its pros and cons of the system. Finally, future aspects of Big data with Cloud computing will be discussed.

Keywords: Big data, Cloud computing, Hadoop, Cassandra

14.1 Introduction

The term big data is common to IT industry or business companies nowadays which collects data from hundreds of heterogeneous sources, including social media, email correspondence, video posts or tweets and credit card data. So, data is becoming huge and need special attention to analyze and analytic engine for greater efficiency and at reduced cost. Organizations need to have special value chain system to ...

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