Chapter 5

Intel Omni-Path Fabric


Details on the next generation fabric with heritage from the Intel® TrueScale product line and the Cray Aries interconnect. Some versions of Knights Landing have this fabric integrated on-package.


Fabric; QoS; Security; Omni-Path; OPA; Virtual Fabric; Partition; Libfabric; Open Fabrics Alliance (OFA); Open Fabrics Interface (OFI); Performance-Scaled Messaging (PSM); Verbs; Traffic flow optimization; Fabric Management (FM); On-package; Integrated fabric; Lossless; Host fabric interfaces (HFIs)

What is new with Knights Landing in this chapter?

Some versions of Knights Landing integrate Intel® Omni-Path Fabric in the same package (a.k.a. “on-package”).

The Intel® Omni-Path Architecture (Intel® ...

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