Chapter 13

Properties and Applications of Thermochromic Vanadium Dioxide Smart Coatings

Mohammed Soltani*; Anthony B. Kaye    * RSL-Tech, 9114 Descartes, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Department of Physics, Texas Tech University, Box 41051, Lubbock, Texas, USA


The fascinating thermochromic material vanadium dioxide (VO2) is currently attracting much attention for both scientific and technological applications. VO2 exhibits a reversible, solid-solid semiconductor-to-metallic phase transition (SMT) at a relatively low temperature (Ttrans ≈ 68 °C). Ttrans can be modified by doping VO2 with metal (e.g., Al, Cr, W, and Ti), which replaces the vanadium atoms in the crystalline structure, or by doping with gasses (e.g., F) that replace the oxygen ...

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