Graphic Designer~Mark Boxshall
Text EditorsmDavina Jackson, supported by James Bucknell, Juliana Demetrius,
Fiona Morrison, Simeon King and Anna Roache
Production Assistants--Samantha Biggs and Lynne Hancock
This reader is the result of contributions and ideas of many individuals, too
numerous to mention here. They include and go far beyond the list of authors and
the preliminary editorial board for a prospective journal, listed at the beginning of
the book. Very special thanks go to the supportive people and environments of the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology's School of Architecture and Planning, the
City of Amsterdam, Tokyo University's Research Center for Advanced Science and
Technology and the University of Sydney, especially its Faculty of Architecture. The
individuals they were important to giving life to this effort, indirectly and directly,
include Dr. Michael Joroff, founder and director of MIT's Laboratory for Architecture
and Planning, later transformed into Research Development and Special Projects,
Professor Yoshinobu Kumata at Tokyo Institute of Technology's Department of
Social Engineering, Leo Marx, professor emeritus and senior lecturer at MIT's
Science, Technology and Society program, and Drs Arjen Sevenster, Elsevier B.V.'s
associate publisher for Mathematics, Computer Science and Cognitive Science,
responsible for this project in more ways than one.
--Peter Droege

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