Wearable Interface for Automatic Language Translation1


In this chapter, we introduce intelligent glasses, which can automatically translate multiple languages in real time. We propose the concept of the system and demonstrate the advantages of the device over other existing systems. First, the system architecture and the functions of the components in the system are presented. We then focus on the most crucial technical component, text detection. We propose a novel algorithm based on the fundamental characteristics of all the characters in common use called a character intrinsic characteristic (CIC)-based text detection algorithm. We then show the effectiveness of the proposed methods and define some future studies.

Nowadays, with the development of mobile computing technologies, a new kind of human interface has been expected to greatly impact our daily life and social activities. A wearable interface, just as its name implies, can be worn directly. It could be like a real cap, a pair of glasses, a pair of shoes, a shirt, and so on. Many wearable computers are facilitated with telepresence, which is a sophisticated form of interactive remote control, and some sensors such as a camera, gyro, infrared emitter, ultrasonic emitter, and so on. Many kinds of wearable computers are developed all over the world. Some wearable computers have been successfully applied in military missions, scientific exploration, and daily life.

This chapter presents a novel wearable ...

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