The editor basics

IntelliJ IDEA's editor supports all the standard features of a text editor such as selecting text, searching, cutting, copying, and pasting. Let's start with some basic editor commands and then focus on more advanced features of IntelliJ IDEA, such as syntax-aware selection, clipboard history, code reformatting, smart code completion, and code inspections.

To duplicate a line of code (or a selected block) use Ctrl + D (PC) or cmd + D (Mac). To remove a line of code or selected block, use Ctrl + Y (PC) or cmd + Y (Mac).

Sometimes it may be useful to comment portions of code. To use the line comment, press Ctrl + / (PC) or cmd + / (Mac). If you favor the block comment, use Shift + Ctrl + / (PC) or Shift + cmd + / (Mac). IntelliJ ...

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